Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is a first for me, so be kind.  I thought this first blog should be more of an introduction to me and my writing.  After years of trying to find “MY VOICE” I’ve succeeded, thanks in part to my youngest daughter who wanted me to write about dragons. Well, my dragons aren’t the gigantic scaly sort, in fact, they look more like the men and women you’d find on the runway. With the added wings and breathing fire.  I’ve also created a crossbreed of dragon/human known as Sparrows.  Again, they look like your average runway model, only stronger, faster, and able to kick some serious dragon___, you get the idea.
So, now you know a little about the world I live in, and the creatures that fly around in my head.  Soon I’ll be introducing you to others, like me, who spend more time talking to their muse then they do their families.  Until then, Have a wonderful day and let your heart take wing!
Jeanne Guzman

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