Dragon Hunters Series

Jeanne Guzman
Born and raised in Maryland, Jeanne got to Texas as fast as she could. Mother of 4, Mimi to 8, and Keeper of the Zoo, Jeanne and her husband/best friend enjoy life to its fullest. When they’re not traveling around Texas in their motor coach, you can find Jeanne sitting in her home office typing away at her computer. Stop by her web site, www.romanceinflight.com, to see what’s coming next in the world of The Dragon Hunters

Coming Soon/ Fall 2012

The Dragon Within

Angelica Crossley is trapped in a never ending nightmare where she’s forced to re-live two very important moments in her life. Her parents’ death and her own kidnapping. Angelica’s only hope to re-join the real world is Preston of the Anshar Dragons.
Stepping through the Flames of Prophesy, Preston enters Angelica’s nightmare to rescue her from her torment. In the process, he discovers the true reason for her forced slumber. He was meant to bare witness to the evil responsible for her captivation. A dragon from his past. A dragon he thought long dead. His father.
As Angelica recovers, Preston leaves her side, thinking the only way to give her peace of mind is to hunt down his father and send him into the flames.
Through doubts and mistrust, Angelica and Preston must mend the breach between them, solidify their bond, and learn to embrace the Dragon Within.

Here Now
Released November 2011
Dragon Lover

For eighteen years Kimball Crossley trained for the day she’d come face-to-face with the demon who murdered her parents. Nothing could’ve prepared her for the dragon who would change her life forever.
Dmitri of the Langhier Clan is one of the elite Dragon Hunters. For eighteen years he’s stood against evil, believing he’ll forever be a warrior for his people. That is, until the night he’s confronted with his future.
With whispers of war in the air, can Kimball learn to trust what she’s always hated and accept her love for the Dragon Hunter? Dmitri’s skills as a hunter are superior, but can he accept that women, particularly his woman, can be as strong in mind and body as any well-trained hunter? Can they put aside their differences long enough to save both their worlds?


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