Monday, August 18, 2014

Free Book Vs Gift Card—Inquiring Minds Want To Know

So many authors—myself included—give away a free book (their choice) as an incentive to leave a comment on their blog or to leave a review on the many e-book sites. As a reader, what would you rather have?


Inquiring Minds want to know. Would you rather have a print book that you can hold in your hand, or would you prefer a gift card (voucher) that you can go download something of your choice?


Wait For It-----


As an added incentive to leave your opinion, I’m giving one lucky winner a choice between a signed copy of a book from my collection—or a gift code to download a book of your choosing.


  1. Great question! I usually don't sign up unless I want that author's book. A gift card in nice, but I just use it to buy the author's book.

    1. What would you sugest, to bring in the reader to your blog, as an insentive. Is there another gift you would sign up for?