Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Madness—Creating Your Space—part one

Do you have a special place where you can go? A place where you can dream without the world invading? A place where no one else is allowed except for the imaginary people that come to you in dreams or through the pages of a book?


Well, I have that place, or at least I thought I did until I took everyone’s advice and just sat down to write. You see, I had too many distractions in MY SPACE. My cat, the household bills sitting on my desk, the clutter tossed into my office when someone didn’t know where to put it. Just look at these before pictures and you’ll understand what I mean when I say there were too many distractions.
My desk

Another shot of my desk

Research (Can you see the books?)

My Reading Area
Now, I’ve been listening to Jeanne Adams workshop “Creating your Write Environment” and what she has to say helped me tremendously. I’m not done, far from it, but I’ve gotten a good start as you can see by my new reading area. (Yes, the cat is still there, but this is her room too)
But stay tuned, I’ll be bringing you along as I transform MY SPACE into a place where my imagination can run wild and free. Who knows. My idea to keep me focused may not work and I'll have to try something different.

So, where is your special place? Do you have one?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Madness—Did you miss me?

Did you even notice I wasn’t here last week? Well, let me share the madness. On April 11th, my 10th (that’s right. I said 10th) grandbaby was born. Isabelle Elena Montoya graced my world and I can’t seem to get enough of her. She’s beautiful, but don’t take my word for it, just look at that face.

I spent the evening with her and when mommy and daddy had enough of visitors, I took my granddaughter Blakelynn home and tucked her into bed. The next day was filled with dropping Blake off at school, work, back to the hospital to hold my adorable peanut, then my husband and I took off for a well deserved weekend away.

That’s right, we jumped into our home away from home and headed to the Texas Motor Speedway. Dale Jr. and Brian Vickers, you are both loved!

Sunday brought me home as well as my beautiful daughter and my precious Peanut and my week has been filled with trying to take care of them both, my house, work, my husband, the dogs, and get a little writing done. I’ve gotten to everything but the writing. I can’t seem to get back into the mood.

How do you do it? Get into the mood? Telling myself to sit down and write hasn’t worked. So, when there’s something you have to do, how do you make yourself take that first step?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday Madness—My Kind Of Camping

Monday Madness—My Kind Of Camping

Let me set the scene. The wind is blowing through the new leaves of the small forest of trees.

The tinkling of a small brook can be heard as its water slowly makes its way toward the lake.

There’s a crispness to the air that demands the crackling of an outdoor fire.

Let me add a little more.

  Earlier in the afternoon, my husband and I stopped by Eagle Boat/RV storage (shameless plug for my storage company, 
We picked up our 43 foot American Eagle Motor Coach and headed to Loyd Park in Grand Prairie Texas. I know some of you are saying, that’s not much of a weekend getaway, or, that’s not camping.
Camping is tents, sleeping bags, and peeing behind a tree. I DON'T THINK SO! let me tell you—my kind of camping includes running water, a king sized bed, shower, two bathrooms, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, and 3 TV’s (one outside) Trust me, there’s no better way to relax than in your own home-away-from-home.

I still have the beauty of Spring in Texas without natures critters crawling into my bed,

the opportunity to make new friends,

and sitting outside by the fire, drinking an ice cold margarita with my husband is the perfect getaway for me.

How about you? What is your favorite getaway?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Madness—What do you expect? Or, MY-OH-MY, Photo Op!

Okay people, here’s where my madness runs away with me. I spent an entire weekend at the Dreamin’ in Dallas conference trying to get some words of wisdom from the multitude of authors in attendance and what do I end up doing? Exactly that. So much so that my head is swimming with so many ideas and new directions that I don’t know where to start. The only picture that keeps running through my head is—how awesome did Jimmy Thomas really smell, and how good it felt being in his arms with his head resting on mine.

Yes, I know I’m married, but it’s Jimmy Thomas, Male Model Extraordinaire. Who wouldn’t have him on the brain after meeting him in person?Just look at that smile.

Has this ever happen to you? You were so set on learning and what you came away with was a crush? Who was it? And how long before that warm and fuzzy feeling left you alone long enough to function again?