Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Madness—Did you miss me?

Did you even notice I wasn’t here last week? Well, let me share the madness. On April 11th, my 10th (that’s right. I said 10th) grandbaby was born. Isabelle Elena Montoya graced my world and I can’t seem to get enough of her. She’s beautiful, but don’t take my word for it, just look at that face.

I spent the evening with her and when mommy and daddy had enough of visitors, I took my granddaughter Blakelynn home and tucked her into bed. The next day was filled with dropping Blake off at school, work, back to the hospital to hold my adorable peanut, then my husband and I took off for a well deserved weekend away.

That’s right, we jumped into our home away from home and headed to the Texas Motor Speedway. Dale Jr. and Brian Vickers, you are both loved!

Sunday brought me home as well as my beautiful daughter and my precious Peanut and my week has been filled with trying to take care of them both, my house, work, my husband, the dogs, and get a little writing done. I’ve gotten to everything but the writing. I can’t seem to get back into the mood.

How do you do it? Get into the mood? Telling myself to sit down and write hasn’t worked. So, when there’s something you have to do, how do you make yourself take that first step?


  1. Holy cow! She is beautiful! Like her grandmother. My goodness...10?? That's a lot of babies to love and I know you do!! Congratulations.

    I just try and push myself through when I hit a dead spot. Hasn't worked for the past few weeks though. Sometimes I'll stop and write a short post for my blog. Just something to get the words flowing. Good can do this.

  2. No denying this baby is gorgeous! All ten are so lucky to have you for a grandma. I don't know how you do it, Jeannie. You've got all of 'em close, too, right. not spread across the country. You take an active interest in their lives. Like I said, they're lucky.

    Some people take their laptops and go off somewhere--Starbuck/Denny's. Where they can write without the demands of family interferring. I type faster on my big computer, so that wouldn't work for me. It might help give me ideas to write about, but for heavy duty typing, I like the big screen and key board.

    I think there are times in our lives when the writing might have to take a back seat for a while. Real life happens. For probably the first two years of my first grand's life, the writing was on slow. Not quite pause, but definitely slow. :) Now I hadn't sold at that point and didn't have other people's deadlines to satisfy. So maybe that doesn't apply in your case.

    Jerrie's right. Just sit and let your fingers type anything. I frequently do that and after a point, the words aren't junk anymore (though junk is preferable to no words!) and the real stuff starts to pour forth.

    You're a super writer, Jeannie. Give yourself some time. It'll come. :)

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  4. Beautiful baby!! And I LOVE the name. Congratulations on the 10th grandchild!