Monday, December 5, 2011

Blog: About Writing with Guest Blogger Lee-Ann Vinson

   When I was first asked to be a part of the wonderful world of author blogging, I wondered what kind of impact a simple tale about me would have. Would anyone want to read about me? Would anyone care? But then I noticed something. It’s not about me.

   As a writer, you work alone. Period. No one can scribe the words for you. Research is typically done via email or Google search. Although you may have family and friends surrounding you, it’s not the same as having other writer’s to communicate with. Sometimes, I feel the need to talk about a particular piece I’m working on. If I happen to be speaking to someone who is not in the field of writing, the reaction I get is usually a glazed over expression with little or no comment in return.

   Author sites, especially that of my own publisher, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, have become my “loving-caring-bounce my ideas off of-get help when I ask for it or need it-here have a pat on the back just because we’ve been there and you’re going to be fine” sanctuary. Author blog sites are where I’ve met people whom I consider my friends. They care. There is no judgement. They are my guilty pleasure (along with a nice glass of Cab Sav and a pricey piece of chocolate).

   It’s a writer’s life for me. I will never stop creating. It is who I am. And darn it, I love it. So, thank you for telling me to write it better, show instead of tell, and for goodness sake, write it with active verbs! Thank you for telling me I can do it and that I am good enough. Thank you for taking the time to read my work and suggest ways to improve upon it. Thank you for the late night inspirations and early morning pushes to get back in that chair and create.

   Writing is so much more than the elusive best-seller (although I wouldn’t say no to seeing my name on one). It’s about the friendship and support you encounter along the way. I am grateful to be a part of such an extensive group of talented, caring individuals.

And now, I get to plug my latest release. See? How wonderful is that?

When Callie takes the red-eye home to surprise her husband for their anniversary, she finds the surprise is on her. She watches as a blonde tart in six-inch heels teeters out from her home and toward a cherry-red Mustang, which is parked in her spot.

Enraged, Callie does the only thing she can do. She drives to her favorite coffee house, scrolls through divorce lawyers who claim to eat cheating husbands for breakfast, and cries. Her only consolation is Christian, a Marine, whom she befriended on a chat site almost a year earlier.

While waiting for her marriage to end, Callie agrees to finally meet Christian in person. She has always been a woman in control, but the mere touch of this man has her begging for more. Christian is only too happy to oblige, leaving Callie agreeing with the motto ‘The Few and The Proud’. She has never experienced a man who could make her see stars, but Christian does his duty, and does it well.

Unhappy circumstances bring them together. A week of sexual bliss makes it impossible for them to part, leaving them to wonder how they can, once again, test the hands of fate.

Thank you so much for hosting us Authors on your blog, Jeanne. You are a great part of that wonderful support system we have all come to rely upon.

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  1. Wow. I totally know what you mean. Very familar with the "glazed over" look. I LOVE being a part of a community of writers!

  2. I love my internet writing friends too, and have learned so much from them. Yes, thank you for telling me to show not tell, and use action verbs, and stop saying "that" all the time, and all that good stuff...
    Just finished the typing in the edits from the last read-through of my novel--I suspect that means I need another last read-through now.