Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Man Of Many Talents—C.L. Stegall

I’m going to go ahead and steal CL’s bio straight from his website, as I couldn’t put it any better.

C.L. Stegall, co-founder of Dark Red Press, is the author of the Progeny series of novels and shorts – the first of which, The Weight Of Night, was published in January 2011. The second in that series, Hearts In Aether, is scheduled for 2013. His next work, Valence of Infinity, is scheduled for late 2012. He spends his time writing, herding the cats of DRP and making his Wife, Mona, laugh. He lives in the Dallas area with Mona and two dogs who think they run the joint.

Welcome CL, and thanks for being a guest here at Romance In Flight. Thanks so much for having me!

 I need to ask this first, what inspired you to start your own publishing company? Well, my circle of friends includes quite a few fellow authors, and the one thing that had frustrated several of us for quite some time was the lottery that is traditional publishing. Early last year (2011) I published my first novel, The Weight Of Night, and I did pretty much everything: cover design, interior and exterior formatting, publishing, etc.  The only thing I did not do on my own was the editing. That is a big no-no, in my book. You truly cannot edit yourself, no matter what you might think. That second (or third or fourth) set of eyes on your work can only improve it!
Over the course of the year, I began to have conversations with a few other authors, each of whom had a wealth of experience in various areas of the writing world. It came down to us deciding that if we banded together, concerted all of our efforts, we might stand a better chance of lifting each other to the levels we expected of ourselves. Thus was born the concept and principles behind Dark Red Press!

Are you open for submissions at DRP? If so, what are your submission guidelines? At this time we are not open to any submissions; however, we take great pride in answering any new and/or independent authors’ questions. We do not charge for advice, of course, and we are all too willing to dole out our own experiences so that others can avoid any of the same pitfalls. That is a tenet of DRP: always help our own.

Let’s talk about you. You’re currently on a blog tour for The Weight Of Night. Can you tell us about the book? The story is a paranormal adventure with some romance undertones thrown in for fun and drama! It truth, The Weight Of Night is a very exciting, fast read about a girl about to graduate high school who suddenly faces great tragedy and learns that her entire life has been based upon a lie. She finds that she is actually the daughter of an ancient Greek goddess. Without any warning at all, she is thrown into a plot to locate a dangerous and powerful artifact for a pious and conniving god. Along the way, she meets others of her kind, The Progeny of the Greek pantheon, only to find that most of them are insane, dangerous or a bit of both. Alexis, the protagonist, has to find her way in this new existence, learn who she really is and what she might actually be capable of.

The Special Edition version contains two additional short stories of The Progeny.

Special Edition Purchase LINKS:
Createspace (less expensive paperback):

Original Edition Purchase LINKS:

What’s next for CL Stegall—the author? I’m in the stages of writing two new novels, the follow-up to The Weight of Night, the second in the Progeny series, Hearts In Aether; as well, the first in a new series of urban fantasy thriller novels, the Valence Of Infinity series, called The Blood Of Others. That one is definitely not for the kiddies, folks!

What’s next for CL Stegall—the CEO and co-founder of Dark Red Press? We have a new release or two scheduled for later this year and we are working on a multimedia project that I think a lot of folks will be pretty interested in that will see all four of the DRP authors thrown together in close quarters for a road trip of terrible proportions! More info on that soon to come.

Thank you again for being a guest here at Romance In Flight, it was a pleasure. Thank you!

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  1. I LOVED this book and CL is such a great guy!! I can't wait to see more of what he's got!!

  2. Thanks for the interview, Jeanne! And, I'm glad you enjoyed the book, Laura!