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Magic and more with multi-published author Evelyn Byrne

Magic and more with multi-published author Evelyn Byrne

Welcome Evelyn to Romance In Flight. Thank you so much for coming to visit. Why don’t we start with you telling us a little about yourself?
It’s a pleasure to be here.
I was born in Dublin, Ireland and moved to the states when I was two. I grew up in Chicago, lived in Tucson, Arizona for about eight years, and for the last eighteen years, I have been living in Texas. I used to travel back to Ireland at least once a year; so when I started writing about ten years ago, I naturally gravitated toward Irish Mythology. 
As you’re originally from Ireland, I get the interest in mythology and fey, but what inspired you to begin writing in the first place?
Sometimes I would get so engrossed in a good book that I would dream their endings before I fished reading them. My endings of course were not the same as the ending the writer actually wrote. At some point it became a game to me.
Then I began to dream stories of my own. One day I was driving back from Chicago to Gilmer I had to pull over because the beginning of a story was so strong I had to write it down. That night I typed it into the computer and labeled it SOMEDAY (I figured someday I might take it out and finish it.)

Three years later, I had a dream, and that morning, I pulled out SOMEDAY, changed the name to THE MAGIC FROM WITHIN, and started writing. Six months later, I finished it. It won first and third place over the next two years. The name changed once again to UNKNOWN MAGIC when it was published.

Since then I have written two more books in the series, Stolen Magic and Lost Magic.

You’re current book, The Cabin-Episode Two, came out in May, and I have to say, Very intriguing. What’s next for you?
Yes currently I am writing a series call THE CABIN. The first episode came out on Kindle in May, the second in June, the third in July, and the fourth in August. Episode five will be out the end of this month and will continue each month until the story is finished.
I am also working on book four of the Daughter of Prophecy Series, COVETED MAGIC, which should be out sometime early next year.
Thank you again for taking the time to visit.
Thank you for having me.
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