Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Madness—Now What?

This is an old picture, but the weight is the same.

I’m sitting here, wondering what I should write about, and the only thing that comes to mind is—food. I’m hungry, but what I want—bacon, eggs, hash browns, ect.—isn’t on my list of what I can eat. You see, I’ve put myself on a diet—again.

Yes, I was a skater girl
I’m over weight—there, I’ve said it.  I stepped on the scale yesterday and started to cry. Never again will I be that athletic girl who could eat anything she wanted and not gain an ounce.

SOOOOO, here’s my madness. As a writer, I sit on my butt for hours at a time, shoving whatever is easiest to make for a meal into my mouth. I need advice. I need easy, quick meals that travel well and won’t give me that just-gave-birth look that I’m currently experiencing.

Any suggestions?


  1. I love your picture!!! Did not know you skated. I too used to be able to eat anything and it not wind up on my more!

    Wish I had some easy, tasty, recipes for you. But you do have my best wishes. :)

    1. See, we learn something new every day. I didn't know you were in a band. As for easy and tasty recipes? I don't think they're out there, but I'm hopeful. *grin*

  2. Jeannie, it's a great picture. You know I struggle with the same thing. It's the curse of a writer. If you're doing your job, you're sitting on your butt. For some reason, finger exercises don't seem to count for much. LOL
    I've found it doesn't matter much how little or what I eat if I'm not exercising. That's whay I try to walk my 10 K steps on days I don't go to Pilates. Not going to come close today because I babysat one of the grands.
    Food wise, I eat a lot of vegies cooked in microwave and grilled chicken. I can add a potato for the DH and we're basically eating the same meal. Salads for lunch. Try to eat fruit as a snack. Fresh as you can go usually works best. Check out the Trim Down web site. It has menues and recipes. Good luck. It's never easy. But better to try than not.

  3. Hi there
    Sometimes it's just a matter of being organised. Take 5-10 minutes away from writing or work, or get up just that much earlier and start preparing for your day. I start my day with a healthy smoothie. Then I add a preprepared seed mixture of chia, linseed, almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds to a few scoops of natural, organic yoghurt for a morning snack or carrot sticks with some nuts. Lunch is usually a couple of eggs with some ham and tomatoes and capsicum. Afternoon snack may be some cheese and fruit and dinner is some protein with at least two veggie side dish prepared with lots of flavours, but nothing out of pockets or bottles. I have eliminated all grains from my diet, (yet still use my bowels everyday without trouble). Exercise is very important and I would introduce at least 15-20 minutes everyday, one day a power walk, next day a good body resistance session, and so on. Exercise is a must. Follow these general rules and I can almost guarantee weight loss and good energy. What's more important though, strong body will bring on powerful ideas and endurance to put it on paper or screen. Good luck, would love to hear how you are going.