Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get Your Name in a Book Contest

Get Your Name in a Book Contest

I'm taking my dragons to The Ural Mountains in Russia. I’ve been doing research on this beautiful location and I’m building up my world within a world.

I still need a name worthy of a Hero Dragon, and I’m calling on you, yes you, to help me find the perfect name.

He’s going to be tall- 6’5”, light brown hair/wings, dark brown eyes, and including the mark of the Nagas Dragon covering his back; he’ll wear tattoos over most of his body.

I'll be running this as a contest for the month of May, reposting once a week on my facebook pages. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragon-Hunters-Series/305084356174322 or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002016946413
Give me a name, and if at all possible, the meaning behind the name. If I use your pick, Book 6 in my Dragon Hunters Series Branded Dragon will be dedicated to you.


  1. Great idea, Jeanne! Involve your readers before they can ever have a chance to read the book! Interactive marketing at its best. Is this hero Russian?

    1. Yes, He's about to be called into service by the Mawlan Collective to help out with their Voltura issues. I know I should wait until book 5 is finished, but I want the reader to at least get to meet him before he stars in his own book.

  2. Alik (Pronounced Alec) and it means "Defender" I thought it fit!

  3. Georg, because St. George killed evil dragons, not good ones.

  4. Alexander - protector of people - a popular Russian name which would be OK for English language speakers. Can use as Alex if you need; Russian's short version is Sasha.

    Vasiliy - sv. Vasya - meaning in old Greece - King

    Victor - lat. Winner

    Vitaliy - full of life

    Vladimir - different versions of translation. World or Piece in one version. Something like Famour Ruler in other version.

    Gavriil - Gabriel - soldier of God

    Evgeniy - belongs to a royal family

    Efim - predicting good

    Igor - Warrior + God of fertility (Scandinavian roots)

    Kirill - master, God

    Mark - God Mars

    Nikolay - victory of people

    Pyetr - Stone

    Svyatoslav - saint + fame

    Stanislav - become + fame

    Timur - from iron (mongolian roots)

    These are best Russian names for English readers; most other they would find very hard to pronounce

    1. WOW, so many names! Thank you for the list. The Kirill might just work for the bad guy in this book. He would think of himself as a god. LOL.