Friday, June 8, 2012

And The Winner Is

I’m sorry this has taken so long to post. I had every intention of posting on the first, however, a spring cold and a houseful of grandchildren prevented me from locking myself up in my cave.

So, without further ado—the winner of the Get Your Name In A Book Contest is-----
Okay, so there’s more than one winner, and that’s because I’m taking more than one name from the list.
For the role of our hero, I want you to meet Valerik (the brave) chosen by Ms. Rita Drake. Thank you Rita! He’s going to be a very interesting character to create. In fact, I’ve already introduced him in book 5, To Dream Of Dragons. Pitting him against Latham is going to be fun.
For the role of our villain, and I couldn’t have picked a better name myself, Kirill (Master-God) chosen by Adila Mammadova. Thank you so much for all the choices you sent. This is another character I’m going to have fun creating. The name may have been given to him by his parents, but he took the meaning to heart and won’t he be fun to write about. *grin*
Thank you also to Tommi-Beth, Chrissy, Sheila, and Shane for stopping by with their suggestions.

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